Honesty and innovation, round dream, brilliant development in ten years

2017-06-30 09:33

  Development report of FAW four ring gold Lun Beijing Great Automotive Components Company Limited

  Hard from the first joint venture in the decade to change the type of product to experience difficulties, and all kinds of talent loss confusion and challenges from all aspects of competition pressure.

  In ten years you hull, independent from the joint venture, on loan from the plant to build its own their own factories, from the continuous elimination of old equipment to gradually upgrading the rapid development of modern high-tech equipment at home and abroad, the city of Victoria Jinlun parts companies have been gradually changed from small to big, from weak to strong zero new car Parts production base.

  The difficult process of reviewing the past ten years, the company in the development of the journey, both in the road, there are rapids undercurrent, but there are more difficulties, the courage and determination of decisive attack and successful strategy.

  Ten years of trials and hardships, work together for ten years in the northeast, innumerable machine industries, good governance, bold innovation, to tackle tough, climb to the top of the same industry sophisticated technical difficulties, the low-end from rough product gradually transformed into modern high precision machining industry, in the province took the lead into the car differential Is the exclusive production of dangerous areas, also reversed the economic situation of crude processing enterprises continue to decline, for the sustainable development of enterprises, incremental, gradually out of adversity, to accelerate the pace of market share differential production to provide a strong guarantee.

  The production process from vehicle of FAW Volkswagen 02K products 2013 production to MQ250, MQ200 now many varieties of supply, production and sales in order to continue to expand market share, in recent years it has with Volkswagen automatic transmission (Dalian) Company signed a MQ200 flange shaft supporting the production business and Volkswagen automatic transmission (Tianjin) The company DQ380 signed full production orders.

  With the continuous upgrading of product quality, the company's sales revenue increased year by year, the income of employees with the company's benefit and continuously improve, improve employee income, staff team is stable, the stability of the team, the company's production capacity will continue to create a record high, from the original MQ200 Nissan 800 cars to improve the crude is now 1500 Nissan car, DQ200 car, MQ200 1200 flange axle differential case 1500 cars, 1500 copies of the DQ380 differential housing capacity. They have no products due to increased new personnel, but optimized number of staff, staff from two CNC lathe operation gradually transformed into ability of simultaneous operation of 4-5 sets of equipment. With the increasing of high performance products MQ200 and DQ380 share the differential housing, also showed the fourth Jinlun parts company has the ability to do a large domestic enterprises in the differential housing.

  From the ten years of development, companies can change the old management mode has been thoroughly to see, from extensive management at the beginning of the transformation, new science and technology enterprises for fine management and popular combination of system, at the same time the company quality management system more perfect, customer satisfaction, continuous in the audit process of the calendar year Through the TS19649 certification, at the same time obtains the Volkswagen Company Audit A-level supplier qualification.

  Through ten years of efforts, the company achieved a pioneering and innovative development, with the deepening of the reform and development of enterprises on the road, time saving, hard skills, and continuously improve enterprise service awareness, and constantly improve the competitive advantage in the future development of the road all the staff are confident more determined, right in the group Under the leadership of solidarity, work together to overcome difficulties and make efforts, the company built large auto parts enterprises and domestic well-known, ride the wind and waves sail!