Changchun city to carry out road traffic order Conference for 9 months

2016-04-18 09:33

  According to the deployment requirements of Changchun Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Public Security Bureau on the city's road traffic order control conference warfare, further standardize the dynamic and static road traffic order in Changchun, improve the level of road traffic management, create an orderly, safe and smooth road traffic environment. On the morning of 16, Changchun Municipal Public Security Bureau's traffic police detachment swore to Normal University. It will be held in front of Nanling stadium. The 9-month campaign will highlight eight types of key traffic violations, including random parking and lane change, in the built-up areas of the city. From now on, the traffic police department will issue a "parking notice for vehicles illegally parked on the road", starting from April 20, illegal parking will be fined 200 yuan, driving license 3 points penalty

  Highlighting 8 key traffic violations

  According to reports, the city's nine-month campaign to improve road traffic order will highlight eight types of key traffic violations within the city's built-up areas:

  (1) highlighting motor vehicle parking. The main violations include prohibiting parking in road sections, illegally occupying vehicle lanes and sidewalks, parking outside parking spaces on both sides of the road, long-term occupying of road parking "dead vehicles", temporary parking affecting traffic, non-stop bus parking, and arbitrary parking of taxi occupying vehicle lanes.

  (two) highlighting the road of motor vehicles. It mainly includes the illegal acts of changing lanes on solid lines, forcibly changing lanes, changing lanes without turning lights, waiting in line without sequential left and right, and so on.

  (three) highlighting the chaos of motor vehicles. It mainly includes banned area whistling, malicious, continuous, long-term whistling, the use of high-pitched horns and other illegal acts.

  (four) highlighting the illegal behaviors of motor vehicle crossings. It mainly includes detained intersections, parking and waiting on sidewalks or grid lines, not following the direction of the lane directions and other illegal acts.

  (five) highlighting the illegal activities of large trucks. Including overload, modification, license plate fouling, drifting scattered objects, the expansion number is not clear, security protection facilities are not complete and other illegal acts.

  (six) highlighting the illegal activities of motorcycles. Including unlicensed driving, annual inspection, driving personnel do not wear safety helmet, ultra-standard electric vehicles unlicensed driving on the road unlicensed and other illegal acts.

  (seven) highlighting illegal behaviors of non motorized vehicles. It mainly includes red traffic lights, reverse driving, not driving in the driveway and parking illegally.

  (8) Highlighting the rectification of pedestrian violations, mainly including violations of the law such as running a red light, not walking on the sidewalk and not taking the zebra crossing.

  It is implemented in three stages to achieve the "five norms".

  It is understood that the city's road traffic order rectification battle in three stages, launch phase from April 10th to April 20th for publicity; from April 21st to December 20th for the comprehensive rectification stage; from December 21st to December 31st for the stage of summary.

  Renovating the "five norms":

  (a) regulating the order of motor vehicle, motor vehicle lane change, chaos chaos whistle, red light, no direction intersection, detention and other traffic violations outstanding instructions according to the effective control of road lanes.

  (two) specification for vehicle parking order, orderly parking of motor vehicles in the parking lot, not illegal Lane luantingluanfang.

  (three) regulate the order of non motorized vehicles; non motorized vehicles do not rush through the red light and do not pass outside the driveway.

  (four) regulate the parking order of non motorized vehicles, and non motor vehicles should be centralized and orderly parking.

  (5) specification for pedestrian traffic order, pedestrians walking in the pedestrian street, walk the zebra crossing, not red light.

  Illegal parking will be fined 200 yuan, 3 minutes.